Jewelry Care

Your pieces of Parade Design jewelry are precious investments that require special care and attention.

The recommendations below will aid you in preserving and maintaining your jewelry in the best condition possible.

Take extra care and time when handling your jewelry.

Remove your jewelry when bathing and washing your hands, as well as avoiding cosmetics and perfumes.

Remove your jewelry during strenuous activities to avoid sweat and pressure.

Do not place your jewelry close to intense heat.

Metal and stones can become scratched when contact is made with one another. We strongly recommend storing each piece separately, or with some sort of individual protection. The same caution is recommended when wearing jewelry, such as stacking several rings or layering pendants and necklaces.

We recommend annual inspections with an authorized jewelry professional, at which time your jewelry will be professionally cleaned, inspected and repaired as needed. We also recommend regular cleaning for most jewelry, which can be performed at home by gently scrubbing with a soft head brush with mild soap and warm water. Carefully rinse in warm water and wipe dry with a soft cloth.

For stones such as coral, pearls, opals, and emeralds, or any pieces of jewelry containing rare stones in intricate designs, please consult a professional jewelry expert before cleaning, as in most cases, it will need to be performed by a professional.

Even with the utmost care, standard wear, time, and general exposure to life will take its toll. If you happen to come across any damage such as loose or loss of stones, scratches, or whatever life may bring you, do not waste time in taking your piece to your authorized retailer. Your authorized jewelry expert will aid you with repairing and refurbishing your treasured Parade Design piece to preserve its beauty for many years to come.